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Before You Hire a Contractor...

Hiring a contractor:

When hiring a contractor to build a home you are not just hiring the contractor or company in fact it is a team of people. Let me introduce you to our team:

Advance Site Work: From lot clearing to final grading.
Healey Concrete: For all are concrete needs.
National Lumber: For all are building materials.
RJH Builders: For all building and contracting needs.
Zalenski Contracting: For all roofing needs.
Energy Improvements: Insulation.
Cleveland Drywall: For all Drywall or plaster needs.
Cousins Electric: For all electrical needs.
Kincaid Plumbing: For all plumbing and heating needs.
Drakes Painting: For all interior and exterior painting.
Crawford Over Head Door: For all Garage door needs.

Questions to consider when hiring a contractor?

1. Does homeowner feel comfortable with contractor?
2. Does the contractor have a good working relationship with the architect?
3. Does the builder maintain solid relationships with experienced independent trade contractors? (such as plumbers and electricians) and work with them as a team to keep your job running smoothly.
4. How long has the company been in business? Longevity usually suggests financial stability.
5. Carry insurance that protects you from claims arising due to property damage or job site injuries.
6. Does the contractor have a trustworthy reputation among customers, peers, and those in the building industry.
7. Does the builder have a track record of successful projects similar to yours?
8. Arrange for the building permit? Remember that the person that obtains the permit is the contractor of record and therefore liable for the work.
9. Does the contractor understand the goals of the homeowner?
10. Is the contractor involved in the day to day construction?
11. Have an established presence in the community?
12. Does the contractor have good product knowledge of materials likely to be used during construction?
13. Does the contractor participate in a trade organization such as the National Association of Home Builders?
14. References from past clients?


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